Wild Trader: The White Elephant Game

The ultimate game of camaraderie, gift giving/exchange, and FUN!

Easy to learn but never boring!

Great for family and friends of (almost) all ages!

Also excellent at parties – it’s the perfect icebreaker!

The Game

  • Wild Trader takes the traditional gift exchange games:  Yankee Swap, Thieving Secret Santa, Chinese Gift Exchange, White Elephant Gift Exchange and others to a whole new level.
  • This patented system of Turn, Trade and Block Cards encourages much more interaction among the players than that what is usually encountered in the traditional gift exchange games.
  • Included within each deck of 54 Trade cards and 54 Block cards are 4 blank “Host” cards. These cards allow the host to add their own special twists to the game.
  • The game includes the three decks of cards: Turn, Trader, and Block, and complete, easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Over 95% of our players preferred Wild Trader™ over the gift exchange game that they grew up with. We invite you to experience the unique joy and camaraderie of this unusually fun and interactive game!
  • Wild Trader is made in the USA

Gifts are NOT included.

Who can play

Wild Traders are known for their charm, cunning and class.
Wild Trader™ is a gift exchange game for groups of between 6 to 18 players and is suitable for players from age 10 to 110.
(Or older 😀)

About the Inventor

Bob Jones

The inventor of Wild Trader™, Bob Jones, is a native Texan who now lives in San Antonio with his wife, Mary. Together they’ve raised  7 children and now have 4 grandchildren. He has served over 37 years as an educator teaching young musicians from grades 5 thru 12 primarily as an orchestra director.

Now retired from teaching full time, he’s representing a local violin shop, serving as a clinician, looking for new adventures, and trying to get plenty of time with his family and friends.

“I hope that my game brings people together”, Bob Jones recently exclaimed, “and helps them discover how precious their friends and families are.”

Where/How to Buy

The Wild Trader™ game can be purchased from the following online vendors:

Get In Touch

If you are interested in distributing Wild Trader™ or licensing, designing, or purchasing custom editions, please contact us at:
E-mail: wildtradergame@gmail.com


Diane S., MD

This game is a fun and creative twist on the traditional White Elephant game. The addition of cards with silly, challenging, and entertaining tasks quickly break the ice and get everyone laughing. This would be a great office party game.

Sarah G.

Wild Trader is a fun, exciting, entertaining game for people of all ages.  We played the game with my daughter and her high school friends ages 15 to 18.  They loved the exchange of gifts and the laughter of surprise!  I recommend this game for a night of entertainment and fun!     

Angelica G.

Wild Trader is great! 

I love how this classic game is so colorful, easy to play, and made for all age groups to enjoy!

Heather Z.

The game is very creative and I greatly enjoy it. It is a great change from Secret Santa! It is AWESOME!!

Sofia G.

Loved it! Very creative!

Roberto O.

Great game! Lot’s of fun!

Sherman W.

Really had some fun with the game! Hope to play it again!

Iyana H.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I was playing. I had a really fun time!

Sandy V.

The Wild Trader game was so much fun. It made you want to play with the cards more instead of going for the gifts. Very creative!

Valerie B.

I loved the game. It was hilarious and “cold-blooded”.

My favorite thing about the game was the block and trader cards. I honestly forgot all about the presents because I was having so much fun.

Kate J.

So much fun. If you only try one game this year, you should try this.

Elizabeth M-S

Now this is how “White Elephant” should be played!!